Have you suffered physical injury or a psychological trauma?

Are you the victim of an accident and have you suffered physical injury or psychological trauma? Are you the victim of a traffic accident? Or are you involved in a dispute with your guaranteed income insurer? Do you believe that you are entitled to benefits from the Federal Public Service? Are you the victim of a medical accident or a medical error?


The occupational accidents insurer, the guaranteed income insurer or the insurer of the civil liable party have instructed their medical expert to examine you. Your claim settlement will be established based on this examination.

What is this insurance settlement worth?

Am I obliged to accept the invalidity or incapacity to work percentage offered by the insurer? What is the percentage of personal incapacity? What is the equitable remedy? Is there any sexual damage? What is the degree of aesthetic damage?


You are entitled to choose your own medical advisor. He will professionally and independently guide you through the process of assessing human damage with or without conducting a medical assessment.

Optimal defence of your interests as a victim or patient

When you consult Dr. De Kock you receive comprehensive support and a medical examination. Your medical records and medical images are scrutinised. If necessary, Dr. De Kock will complement your records with additional examinations. Before you begin proceedings you are offered an honest opinion about the feasibility of the objectives.


If you wish, Dr. De Kock will offer you support as a medical advisor for the medical assessment. A report is compiled following each consultation and expert examination so that you, your lawyer or case manager at the union or legal expenses insurer can keep abreast of the examinations performed and their results.


Dr. De Kock handles your case with an open mind. Courts of law that appoint Dr. De Kock as a medical expert and legal expert have appreciated this characteristic for years.

How do you get started?

Common law accident with civil liability?


Are you the victim of a common law accident with a civil liability party? Are you the victim of a traffic accident or a victim of an accident caused by an animal (e.g. a dog bite) or by an object?


Contact your insurance broker, legal expenses insurance or family insurance. Inform them that you would like to appoint Dr. De Kock as your medical advisor. Following their approval, the fee will be borne directly by the legal expenses insurer. If you do not have legal expenses insurance then it is best to make an appointment yourself.


Occupational accident or occupational disease?


In the event of an occupational accident or occupational disease you can approach your trade union’s labour law department for advice. Your trade union is versed in this matter. Your case manager will often make the appointment for you. If you are not a member of a trade union then you can make the appointment yourself.


Involved in a social security legal dispute?


If you are involved in a dispute regarding social security, for example a dispute with the FPS Social Security, then contact your health insurer’s social services department. Some health insurers will partly or fully bear the cost of this procedure.


A lawyer as the first point of call


A lawyer is also an effective first point of call. Your lawyer uses a medical expert report to compile a specific claim for damages, for moral damages as well as loss of income. The Indicative Table is applied in the case of minor claims.

What about the fee and costs?

You have legal expenses insurance


Dr. De Kock collaborates with many trade unions and legal expenses insurers that bear the costs for medical-legal consultations and assessments for their members and insured parties. Some health insurers also pay the costs of medical examinations for example in the event of a dispute with the FPS. After receiving written confirmation from the trade union or legal expenses insurer the fee is borne directly by the commissioning party.


You do not have legal expenses insurance


If you do not have legal expenses insurance then you need to pay the costs yourself. The National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV/INAMI) will not intervene and contribute to these costs. You can ask the secretariat for the fee guide price for a consultation with Dr. De Kock and of the fee and costs for his intervention in a legal or amicable medical assessment. The secretariat can be reached on the following number +32 (0) 50 37 16 01. Depending on your circumstances or limited financial capacity this fee may be adjusted.


Payment of the fee


No cash payments will be accepted. All payments must be paid by bank transfer. A deposit may be required prior to the consultation or medical assessment.

Do you still have questions?

Please contact the secretariat on the telephone number +32 (0) 50 37 16 01 or send an e-mail to drmdekock@gmail.com.